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A well-organized eCommerce website is similar to a mall store, where the first impression counts. A stunning display will attract customers, and a well-organized store will inspire them to browse and buy. With e-commerce business and online application development it has become possible to just imagine and create.

Why Choose Us For eCommerce Web Design Company In Lucknow ?

It is estimated that 53 percent of website visits would be abandoned if the website takes more than three seconds to load. In comparison, almost 50 percent of people expect that the website would load in less than two seconds. If your E-Commerce website's efficiency is lacking, your competitor's website would be where your audience escapes. Afluex Multiservices LLP is the top E-Commerce Web Design Company in Lucknow.

The speed of the eCommerce website influences more than just user experience. It also plays an important part in search engine optimization. In comparison, fast loaded E-Commerce websites tend to have better conversion rates and lower bounce rates. Your store's search rankings will drop if search engines determine your website is loading more slowly than expected. When we build an E-Commerce website, we take the search engine optimization, user experience & page speed seriously for both smartphone and desktop shopping experience.


More than 50 percent of the traffic on the website comes from smartphone devices. With this in mind, it is imperative that mobile shoppers can easily and securely access your website on mobile devices. Not just that, offering support to smartphone shoppers is considered the best practice in E-Commerce SEO. Google will lower your website's organic search ranking if your platform does not have enough service for smartphone devices. You can prevent this by partnering with an E-Commerce Web Design Company that can build a mobile-friendly platform.

You can get a responsive, custom E-Commerce website when you choose our E-Commerce Web Design & Web Development, WordPress Web Design, Website Redesign Service. A responsive interface means that the website looks and operates perfectly on devices ranging from smartphones to laptops. Our E-Commerce Web Design Company in Lucknow has the expertise to develop mobile websites that appear appealing on any screen scale.

Best of all, we can integrate your responsive E-Commerce site design into Shopify, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce. Getting your responsive website built into a successful e-commerce platform would guarantee that you are ready for years to come. If you're looking for a quick E-Commerce platform or a comprehensive E-Commerce creation with custom design or programming specifications, our E-Commerce Web Design Company has got you covered.

Included In Our eCommerce Website Design

Afluex Multiservices LLP has been in the eCommerce web design business for decades, and is one of the leading companies in Lucknow.

Mobile Friendly & Responsive

We design and develop responsive mobile-friendly websites that provide a superior user experience. Our expert web designers design mobile-friendly websites that look good and are simple to use on mobile phones and tablets.

Custom Design To Match Your Brand

Your eCommerce website doesn’t have to be boring! At Afluex Multiservices LLP, we understand how important it is for every aspect of the design process from start-to finish reflect what makes you unique as a company. We work closely with the client to transform their vision into a visual reality.

User-Friendly Shopping Cart

Our eCommerce website development service aims to provide a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. We build carts experience that are user-friendly, easy to navigate through as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Search Engine Optimization

Our eCommerce websites are search engine friendly. Our team utilises the latest techniques ensuring your eCommerce store ranks high on search engines. Our website designing team ensure a visually pleasing website that also ranks high SERPs.

Secure Checkout Process

A secure checkout process is compulsory for any eCommerce store website. Afluex Multiservices LLP sets up a secure check out process that complies with all latest security standards. We will also integrate payment processors like PayPal and Stripe into whatever site design we create for you!

Social Media Integration

Integrating your eCommerce website with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter will help you reach out and connect to more customers. We help you do that with customised solutions that widen your customer reach and boost sales.

Product Catalog Management

Whether you sell one product or 1000, our team can help companies of all sizes across to increase their sales. Our product catalog management services are tailored to fit any company’s needs and will expand as your business grows!

Order Management System

We’re all about making things easy, and that includes your orders. With our Order Management System you can manage inventory levels with ease while processing customer requests for new products or shipping existing ones.

Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) System

CRMs are a great way to manage customer data and interactions. They help you keep track of purchases and interactions. We develop custom CRM systems to meet your specific business needs.

Ready to Get Started

Stay ahead from Crowd. We have an expert team of application developers who are experienced and proficient. We have good
experience in web and mobile app development and are committed to delivering the best of the class solutions.

Our eCommerce Website Design Process

Our experienced ecommerce web team follow a streamlined process for designing eCommerce websites.


The design team works with you to understand your requirement. Your eCommerce website requires a lot of strategising and planning, which is why we’re here! We’ll help figure out what exactly are your goals, your target audience, and the features and functionalities you want on your website.


After understanding your needs, our team will create wireframes that we can show you. Once approved by someone responsible for design work at your end, the designing work starts! Your eCommerce website is developed keeping your preferences, branding elements and target audience in mind.


After understanding your needs, our team will create wireframes that we can show you. Once approved by someone responsible for design work at your end, the designing work starts! Your eCommerce website is developed keeping your preferences, branding elements and target audience in mind.


When designing is completed, our team tests it for browser compatibility, mobile and other devices, before sending it to the client for next stage approval.

Afluex Multiservices LLP has a team of experienced testers to ensure your website is functioning properly and meets all requirements. Our comprehensive quality assurance process ensures that we find any bugs and fix them in order for your website to provide a smooth user-friendly experience.


Once throughly tested and approved at client’s end, we make the final delivery by making the eCommerce website live. Our team provides continuous support for next 15 days to ensure your website is working smoothly.

Now that you’re finally done building your eCommerce website, we’ll be there to make sure it stays running smoothly. With our team by your side, you’ll have access to continuous support for 15 days that ensures the website works without a glitch and any issues are taken care of quickly so sales continue coming in!